Najm grabs Global Economics award for Most Innovative Mobile App, Best Emerging CEO

Najm grabs Global Economics award for Most Innovative Mobile App, Best Emerging CEO

Plans to pursue digitalization across the board to support Saudi insurance

The Global Economics magazine has awarded Najm for Insurance Services the Most Innovative Mobile App accolade and named its CEO Dr. Mohammad AlSuliman the Best Emerging CEO in the Insurance Sector. The latest tributes have been added to Najm’s stellar record of global and regional recognition and stand to confirm its pioneering role in ameliorating motor insurance services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Najm App has been awarded as the Most Innovative Mobile App based on a set of standards that evaluated the creativity and innovation of the concept as well as the design, implementation, and content. Further, the criteria studied the app’s impact on the target and its capacity to facilitate consumers’ access to insurance services. Through its user-friendly interface, Najm App enables customers to enjoy an array of Najm’s main services with utmost convenience and ease, eliminating the need to be physically present at the branch, or long waits for accident surveyors to arrive on site.

In parallel, the UK-based publication selected Najm’s CEO for the Best Emerging CEO in the Insurance Sector award following a thorough criteria in view of leadership aptitude, vision, performance and impact on a company-level and an industry-level. The criteria recognized the CEO gravitas and the beacon of excellence components, celebrating the CEO’s seriousness of purpose and leadership effectiveness in fostering a positive and supportive work environment and encouraging employee engagement. The award also weighed external factors with a focus on industry-level achievements and the ability to create customer and shareholder value.

Commenting on the accolades, Najm’s CEO Dr. Mohammad AlSuliman stated: “These fresh accolades are a true testament to the impact Najm has had on the Saudi insurance industry which also confirms the success of Najm’s strategy (BASE) in offering a winning combination of solutions for all counterparts within the motor insurance ecosystem. Coming from a globally renowned entity as Global Economics Group, these awards will push Najm’s family, staff and leadership, to continue to work towards our ultimate vision of elevating the level of insurance services across the Kingdom through more digitalization.” In parallel, Dr. AlSuliman attributed Najm’s success as a work environment to the Company’s vision that capitalizes on the human element as a basic pillar for successful operations, as well as the proactive contribution of each member of Najm family.

Najm’s digitalization plan, outlined throughout its flagship strategy ‘BASE’, ensures the Company’s full commitment to efficiently contribute to Saudi Vision 2030’s digital transformation targets, as well as its economic diversification objectives. Dr. AlSuliman added: “Najm strives to be a digital pioneer and key contributor to those goals by adopting automation throughout its operations seeking to enrich insurance services Kingdom-wide.”

These new accolades are added to several other awards Najm has earned in recognition of its achievements and distinguished performance over the past few years, including the recent multiple awards for “Best CSR Insurance Company” and “Excellence in Innovative Operational Implementation” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2021 from the leading UK-based Global Brands Magazine. Throughout 2020, Najm expanded its digital infrastructure promoting its digital readiness, mainly through developing an Uptime Institute-certified Tier 3 Data Centre.

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