Value fashion brand Twenty4 launches tempting bundle deals on a wide range of collections

Value fashion brand Twenty4 launches tempting bundle deals on a wide range of collections

Twenty4, a leading value fashion brand in the GCC region and a BMA International subsidiary, has announced attractive bundle deals on a wide range of seasonal, signature, and all-year collections. Available in Saudi, the bundles come in two, three, five, and seven pieces — all at just SAR 91.

Twenty4 has carefully curated the bundles, ensuring varieties that meet shoppers’ unique requirements in terms of colours and designs. The limited-period bundle offer is available across all Twenty4 outlets in the Kingdom. The colour combinations are subject to availability due to the fast-moving tendency of bundles.

“Our customers have waited long to visit the stores and get their usual dose of Twenty4. With the systematic resumption of business activities underway, we saw an opportunity to delight them by making bundles of two, three, five, and seven pieces, with each priced at just SAR 91. This time, along with our usual superior quality, we are also providing more quantity,” said Mushtaq Jaffar, KSA Brand Head of Twenty4.

The fashion brand has, over the years, garnered a unique reputation for the unmatched value it offers at reasonable prices. Twenty4 is among the few brands in the region that has succeeded in striking the right balance between global high-street fashion and Middle Eastern ethnic flair. As a result, it has found an admirer in Saudi’s growing fashion-conscious generation, which is seeking to align itself with the Kingdom’s progressive social reforms.

Twenty4 was recently in the news following the launch of its seasonal Winter collections, which never ceases to add a refreshing dash to the wardrobe. The brand gives painstaking attention to balancing the aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that the design does not betray the warmth. The Winter collections were preceded by Twenty4’s signature range for Eid al-Adha festivities.

“Twenty4 is a brand that has one identity: Value. So, irrespective of collections, their seasonality, and their propositions, value is the cornerstone of everything we do, and will do. However, the idea of “value” is not a constant; it moves with customer movements. This is perhaps why we introduced WhatsApp shopping in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and the UAE. Customers saw the value in it, and we obliged,” added Mushtaq Jaffar, KSA Brand Head of Twenty4.

Bundles are the brand’s yet another value-centric offering, geared towards the whole family. With such timely and thoughtful moves, and over 39 strategically located stores across the Middle East, Twenty4 continues to leave its mark on contemporary fashion in the regio

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