Dur Hospitality Welcomes Marriott International Delegation Strengthening their Long-standing Relationship and Collaboration

Dur Hospitality Welcomes Marriott International Delegation Strengthening their Long-standing Relationship and Collaboration

Marriott International’s CEO Anthony Capuano and a delegation of the company’s senior executives have received a warm welcome at Dur Hospitality, where the two parties discussed plans to promote future collaboration efforts and strengthen their partnership, keeping pace with the remarkable growth of the Kingdom’s hospitality sector.

With their ties dating back to more than 40 years since the launch of the Riyadh Marriott Hotel, a brand debut for the country, this visit reflects the exceptional, long-standing relationship between Marriott International and Dur Hospitality that continues to grow stronger. Since its launch in 1980, Riyadh Marriott Hotel has been a leading hotel redefining hospitality in the region as one of the earliest five-star hotels in Saudi Arabia with world-class standards. From its early days, this partnership has been strengthened and developed continuously throughout the years. Today, there are six hotels with a total of 1,381 rooms and suites between Dur Hospitality and Marriott International.

Welcoming Mr. Anthony Capuano and the delegation amid a warm reception, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Issa, Dur Hospitality’s Chairman of the Board said, “This visit is of multifaceted significance. It highlights the importance of the outstanding partnership between the two parties, the considerable value of the Saudi hospitality market, and Dur Hospitality’s essential role in ensuring the highest quality of hospitality services, meeting the growing demand of tourism in the Kingdom, and adhering to the new policies and directives involving tourists from various demographics. The visit further showcases our commitment to enhancing our readiness to keep up with the anticipated growth in business tourism as well as family entertainment tourism in the Kingdom, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 which is bringing about transformation nationwide.”

Likewise, the CEO of Marriott International, Anthony Capuano, emphasized the depth of his company’s focus in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Capuano indicated that the Saudi hospitality industry is known for its rich culture and authentic heritage that is deeply rooted in hospitality, in addition to its forward-looking strategies, advancing its position and boosting its economic contribution, in parallel with the development of the tourism sector in the Kingdom. Capuano also underscored the importance of Marriott International’s partnership with Dur Hospitality.

In light of the growing demand for top-class products and services in the Kingdom’s hospitality sector, the four-decades strategic partnership between Dur Hospitality and Marriott International continues to evolve and improve in aims to provide the best accommodation experience and service excellence to guests.

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